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Monday Lighter Inspirations

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Hello People! Hello World!

So, it’s June! So, season’s changing! Can you feel it? Yes, indeed! 

And is there anything more refreshing, than putting on a dress and slipping into some sandals and layer a scarf and a handbag and a piece of jewelry (…wait, let me catch my breath…) and just walk out the door, feeling light and lifted and fresh and charming!

Yes, lately I’ve been into “retro chic/lady like” style type of thing, and feeling absolutely fab & absolutely charming! Like a new Audrey Hepburn!

The strangest thing is that both man and women noticed, not to mention the smile on my hubbys’ face! I guess there’s something about a woman wearing a classic knee-length dress or skirt… odd though! Or maybe, it’s just that “I” really look fab!

 My friends, have an amazing week!!!

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  1. I love all the pictures!! and that dress is to die for…everything bout it screams ‘a lady’…..:

  2. Love the house & the necklaces! Great photos:) Xo


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