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Monday Lighter Inspirations

 Hello Monday! Hello New Week! Hello World!

 So, as I was saying (here), February is indeed, a totally different month, don’t you think? I mean, less cold, more sunshine, the days grow longer (although you don’t really feel it yet!), therefore, nights grow shorter, it’s one step closer to Spring…

(Sounds weird to talk about Spring, when it’s so cold outside. Yes, the sun is actually shinning, but don’t be fooled by it, the cold breeze gets under the layers of clothing, if they’re not thick enough.)

So, is there something else to say about this month?… Oh yes! It’s the “hearts’ month”! Valentine’s Day is coming!

To tell you the truth, I’m not very into this type of festive or commemorative days, and I really don’t like the “Quality Time” expression thing, because what it really means, is that you’re not spending time enough with that special someone, and actually have to make an efford to make time to get together, to be in the company of that someone, for some time…. sad and weird, I find, but that’s modern, busy life, I guess…

But, as usual, I get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, simply because hearts are all over the place, red is all over, pretty ideas are all over, flowers are all over, and so, basically, there’s just one thing for me to do; join the hearts and red and flowers and pretty around me… and how could I resist that!

So, is Love in the air? Or is it just an excuse to buy a little something, something?

– – –

My friends, have a fantastic week, with days filled with pretty and some sweet scent, and let your hearts speak through your actions. And let your eyes talk to that special someone in your lives, when you look into their eyes, and may your presence warm the days and nights and cast away the cold in someone’s life!


“I wish you Love”

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