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Monday Lighter Inspirations

Hello! Hello Beautiful World and Beautiful People!

Yes, that includes all of us! Yes, I include myself in the beautiful world of  the beautiful people!

And why not, we the ones that simply love beauty and harmony and balance, for what else is being stylish and elegant and beautiful, than a certain balance, than harmony of the whole ensemble! We that look at the whole without neglegting the part, or details, that simply make the whole what it is.

Now, that is the trick, isn’t it? Finding the balance! Not compromising personal taste, personal “likes”, details (what are we without them?), and make the ensemble work, especially for yourself, no matter what others may say or think…

Yes, the trick here is to find balance!

Wishing you all a great Monday and a fantastic week! Filled with balance!

images: tumblr 

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