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Coming To An End!

 And so we arrive to the last day of the year 2011!

How was yours? To tell you the truth, mine was… so so. Mild. Only one true highlight: I’ve started a blog!

I wanted to have a kind of style/mood board, for myself! Without any plan and totally out of character for me; I’m naturally shy and socially awkward! So, this was something huge! I feel I’ve come such a longway! Every time I post my own stuff, it’s always like a big conquest! But I’ve done it! And continue to do so, because it’s so much fun!

Yes, I’ve conquered something, maybe my own insecurities (some, at least), and I’ve found generosity and kindness and “niceness”, which, the past years I didn’t have around me, so to find them amongst perfect strangers, came as a total chock to me! But a good one, though! I can completely deal with these type of chock! Bring it on!

I don’t know what the future holds (wish I did!), as humans we are but “work in progress”, and you never know where the turns and twists of life will take you, but one thing I know, this tiny space, that started as an escape, is actually a place where I found “friendly strangers” that enjoy the same things I do! Whether it be by “following”, by “likes”, by “comments”, by “visiting” or a simple silent presence, and trust me, I can relate! I’m a daily silent presence on many blogs out there! (I know, weird! a blogger that doesn’t always comment!)

What I mean, in an awkward sort of way, is:

 Thank You All!

Thank You For Your Presence!

And lets enter the New Year together with the right foot front! Not that I’m that supersticious, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Don’t you think?

Happy New Year My Beautiful Friends!

(Uau! What a long post! But had to let it out of my chest! I always get a bit  emotional this time of year! Don’t know why…)


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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for this post!


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