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Monday Lighter Inspirations

PIP studio

Good morning people! Good Monday world! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wishing you could take the entire bed and covers with you through the day? Wouldn’t that be something!:

– Just step into my office! Want a nice cup of tea? some hot chocolate? milk? some cookies? Lets get under cover, nice & warm, while the weather keeps its weirdness outside! 😀

How was my weekend? Oh well, while my men were out there busy, battling fiercely to conquer the entire Universe, one Galaxy at time, me doing my little editorials (yes, editorials! since I’m dreaming, might as well dream big! Right?), with my tiny, digital camera!

And for the sound of it (#”@”%&/(=?» #!”§##,#), conquering the Universe is quite a task!

-“Boys, boys, it’s just a game! You’ll do better next time! you shall conquer it all!… anyone want a snack?”

Yes, my friends, I lead an extremely intense, exciting, glamorous life!!!

After all, how many girls out there, can say that their men (both father & son, proud mom here!), are conquering the universe, one galaxy at a time!!!

images: 79ideas

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