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“Newies” in

Yes, “newies”! I mean, new jeans & new boots, the ones I talked about here

These new jeans are from Benetton, and I think it’s the first time I buy jeans from them, most of my other ones are from Levi’s.

Looking good there (if I may say so myself!) (notice the large thighs there… yes, I have no shame!)


P.S.1: you may have noticed (or not), that new thing hanging on the “side bar” called “facebook”. To tell you the truth, I joined facebook because my dear hubby urged me to;

“- Everyone is on facebook! – not everyone….

– You should have a facebook page! – I’ll look into it….

– Join facebook! – (sigh)…

– Have you joined facebook?- … not yet…(sigh)

– Why not?- it’s complicated….(sigh)

– It’s not complicated! Do it! – FINE!!!! (big sigh)

– All bloggers are on facebook! – not all! (I’m not)…

– Get connected girl! – I am connected!

– Do you want me to do it? – NO! (sigh again)

– Millions of people are on facebook! You should be too!

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Okaaaay!…. Jesus!

I just want to blog, and post about what I want to blog and post about! Christ! Besides, I’m a total nerd when it comes to technology… (sigh)…

So, bottom line is, I’m connected! Yes, I’m on facebook! There!  That thing hanging there on the “side bar”. Still not sure about the utility of the thing, still think it’s complicated, still think it’s just one more “thing” to manage!

And is it suppose to look like that!? hmm… not sure… doesn’t look nice, does it?… I’ll have to look into it…when I get the time… and patience…. see what I mean? (humongous sigh!!!!) (bless him! My better half, I mean!) (I know he means well!)


P.S.2: By the way, apologies for the poor light (on the photos), but it is November after all, and as you might recall (or not), on monday I did say we should enjoy the sunny day, because it wouldn’t last, and I was right! …. actually, I simply checked the weather report. So…


P.S.3: By the way, can you believe this post? I SOoo feel like a blogger right now! (why am I talking like this?)

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  1. Wait – are you implying that your husband is Jesus?

  2. What large thighs!? you look fantastic! Love the boots!


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