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Roses Are Pink…

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Roses Are Pink… And Diamonds Are For Ever

I know, that’s not how it goes, but to me, makes perfect sense. One day, when if  I ever have a house with a garden, I shall fill it with roses, big ones and small ones; pink, white and red, my favourite!

I bought this rose scented spray over a month ago, and then just kind of forgot about it! (believe it or not) So, I’ve tried it out, and the scent simply “invaded” the whole house!… Simply wonderful! Even in the kitchen!

And look at the package! Isn’t it gorgeous! A simple bottle with this soft and sweet aroma of roses!…


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  1. I love rose scent and roses. I have a light peachy pink one in my garden, got it as soon as got a garden. 🙂 And I also spray my room with Chloe perfume and use rose oil mix as a body oil, so I can be in a cloud of fragrance whenever I need some extra TLC. x

  2. looks and sounds like a great fragrance to have around the house.

  3. I have a semi rose garden at my grandma’s house and it’s so beautiful, love roses too! I bet the perfume smells divine!

  4. Sounds like such a refreshing fragrance.. I need to try it.
    Lee x


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