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Life is short. Too short. But the Ocean is timeless, never ending. Or so it seems to us, tiny, little creatures. And here you are. My treasures on a Summer Sunny Day, surrounded by timeless, everlasting, salty waters. By a silvery light.  A moment in our lives, captured for always, for eternity.

Timeless as the Ocean. Beautiful and peaceful and shinning.  Always new, always the same. Eternal.

Just a day at the beach. But not quite. Postcards. Moments. Memories. Images frozen in time. They too, will become timeless. Many years from now, when all is behind, when all becomes past, when all becomes gone by, when we look back, through time, through the mist that is the past and simply remember the postcards.

Colours and shapes will fade away, and all that will remain, will be images in sepia, in black and white… and echoing sounds…

And how we will miss it (I miss it already)

images: all mine


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  1. Such a beautiful post… x

  2. Gorgeous! Pure poetry!…

  3. Lovely! There is nothing like the seaside …


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