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Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

Style – Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung in Vintage Balenciaga Dress (60’s)

image: studdedhearts

StreetStyle – Eva Longoria

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Oh look! It’s me!

Well, it’s not me, it’s Eva Longoria in :  jeans + shirt + flats , which is my “uniform” these days! The only thing missing is the scarf!

From my part, that bag (Savatore Ferragamo) is missing…

I think it’s the first time I DON’t see Eva in heels… (isn’t she lovely?)

image: thevoguediaries

Blue & Emerald

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Bianca Balti – Gorgeous blue eyes (in a very light, natural, make-up), white dress and these emerald necklace and earrings! Gorgeous! Stunning!

image: studdedhearts

Time Traveller

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I look at this image, and I just feel like I’m looking at ladies from anther era. As if I’ve travelled back in time, to an era of lace, hand-made fabrics, complex hairdos, time just slowed down…

Glamour Lust

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On The Street – Le Shirt

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Yes, it’s Le shirt! My wardrobe basic and most prominent item! An easy way to dress up bad jeans (talking about myself here).

What did I wear yesterday?  Jeans + shirt + flats + scarf

What am I wearing today? Jeans + shirt + flats + scarf  (and probably a cardigan over it, because the weather is “unstable”)

(well, don’t worry it wont be the same shirt nor scarf… yak!!!  who do you think I am?)

image: blueisinfashionthisyear

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