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Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

On The Street – ADR

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Anna Dello Russo – Through Fashion week

In two weeks, it’s the second time, I believe, that I publish images of ADR. But it’s impossible not to!

I love her sense of humour;

I love that she never disappoints her fans;

I love that she has so much fun with fashion;

And, of course, I love her wardrobe!




A La Provence

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I’m growing more and more fond of these lighted spaces, with whites and light greys, and a touch of rustic charm a la Provence.

Old and new coming together, charming details, so simple and understated. Charming!




Terrasse With a View

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Yeah! That’s me over there, relaxing by the water, moving to the terrasse, on to the chair, by the pool, on to the deck… yeah!

Not really! But a girl can dream… right?




Casual Friday

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Yes, it’s Friday! Let’s get lighter and brighter and more relaxed!

Which style do you prefer? I have to say, I prefer… them all…



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